Kitty Breeds: Manx Kittens

manx kittensManx kittens are very different from all other cat breeds because unlike the rest, this breed doesn’t have a tail. Because their exact history is unknown, there are a few legends about their origins. One of the most popular myths is that during the great flood, the Manx was running late and Noah accidentally shut the door to the ark on its tail. There is also a story that claims Manx cats were sighted in 1588 swimming from a wrecked ship in the Spanish Armada. Most people, however, believe that this is one of the kitty breeds with a much less interesting story, having originated several hundred years in the past in the Isle of Man. No matter which story you believe, the Manx has been recognized by the CFA since the 1920s but is still not recognized in Britain.

Other than their obvious feature distinguishing them from other kitty breeds, their lack of tail, Manx cats also have a very short torso compared to most cat breeds. Attached to their short torso, they have a round head, broad chest and short, thick neck as well as a set of round large eyes. Although the gene that means Manx kittens don’t have a tail is dominant, a kitten is occasionally born with a tail (usually a short one, although it can be a full tail).

Manx cats come in both longhaired and shorthaired varieties and they are one of the kitty breeds with a wide variety of coat colors, with almost every option being possible although the most popular include bicolor, tabby, solid and pointed. Longhaired Manx kittens have a silky feeling coat while those with a shorthair have a surprisingly thick coat that gives a glossy appearance. This is one of the many medium sized cat breeds, with females generally weighing 8 to 10 pounds and males 10 to 12 pounds.

Manx cats are generally healthy and the shorthairs are one of the kitty breeds that do not need much grooming although their longhaired counterparts should be brushed 2 or 3 times weekly.

Manx kittens are one of the easygoing cat breeds that love to please their humans. They will also follow their favorite person around the house to show their love.  Because of their personality, Manx cats are one of the kitty breeds that does well with all types of families whether they have children or pets or not.


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